We’re composed of travel industry veterans, forward-thinking creatives, system integration ninjas, and innovative techies. 

We’ve designed and built some of the most original digital solutions in the travel industry.  Everything from elegant websites and bleeding-edge mobile apps, to the most widely used central reservation system and distribution platform in the hotel industry (yes that one).

We’ve also worked with some of the travel industry’s biggest names to improve their capabilities and push the envelope on digital hospitality.


Not all hospitality experiences are created equal – and neither are the digital solutions that enable them. 

Every hospitality brand strives to deliver great customer satisfaction with the goal of increasing brand awareness, loyalty, and revenue.   The challenge is how to best deliver your brand experience to digital consumers that are always online, always connected, and easily lured away by all the other offers and experiences pushed via digital media.    

TripCraft can help meet this challenge and provide you with the right solution to engage and retain your digital customers.  Whether its an enterprise digital strategy, creative designs for websites & apps, innovative solutions for guests & staff, or even integrating disparate products into a cohesive system, TripCraft has the skills and expertise to power your brand with a captivating digital experience. 

Our industry experts, design savants, and tech nerds have the skills to design and develop websites, mobile apps, management dashboards, or any digital solution for your guests or staff.  We build products for booking, social media, marketing, CRM/loyalty, text/chat, guest service, and just about anything else you need for your digital band experience. 

But what really differentiates us from the myriad of consultants, digital agencies, and software developers in the hospitality industry, is our ability to integrate our solutions with your brand systems, and our capacity to embrace all digital channels.  

Today’s digital consumer will simply not stay loyal to a brand with disjointed services for booking, communications, check in/out, mobile key, etc. These same consumers also vary in their preferences for desktop vs. mobile and website vs. app.  So it’s imperative that hospitality brands provide complete solutions that can be delivered via any digital channel.  

No other vendor can provide your brand with a more cohesive and flexible digital solution than TripCraft.  


  • Digital marketing and communications
  • Location and experience based offers and services
  • Private social networks for events and guest communications
  • Customer recognition, history, and tracking
  • Custom developed or fully integrated with brand CRM, loyalty, or marketing systems


  • Brand websites and mobile apps
  • Booking engines for rooms, suites, home sharing, short-term rentals and more
  • Booking engines for dining, spa, activities, events, and more
  • Guest profiles and booking history
  • Fully integrated with brand or property systems


  • Mobile check-in/out and mobile key
  • Text, chat, and menu driven interactions
  • VIP guest recognition for speciality experiences
  • Direct communications between guest and staff
  • Management dashboard for monitoring and support


  • Local area attractions and activities
  • User-generated content capture and sharing
  • Audio, video, and any digital media
  • Guest satisfaction surveys and reviews

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We’re a USA based company located in Boston, MA.

Send an eMail to info@tripcraft.com or fill out out form for more information.